Conceptual Fine Art Photography
I am one of those people who feel weird posing for conventional portraits.  That is one of the reasons I love conceptual fine art portraits!  With a conceptual photoshoot, we have the freedom to pose and express whatever we want, and that is what art is all about.  We will plan it together and talk about what you would like to express, and how would you like to feel every time you see your new portrait.
Nude, witchy, kinky, ethereal, magical… anything is possible.  I usually take the photo and add digital painting to the image.  If you want to try something brave and empowering, have fun, create an original memory, and be part of an art project where YOU are the art, I’m here for you!
You will get a 60-90 minutes photoshoot session, and 3-5 high-resolution digital art pieces that you can print in any size and frame. From $500 
Fine Art Photography
If you prefer something more minimalistic with a ‘’classical feel”, we can also do a Fine Art Photography 60-90 minutes session. You will get up to 15 high-resolution, retouched photos. From $500
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