Sometimes I have moments where I remember some mistake I made in the past and I freeze and I make I weird sound, like I feel so ashamed that my body can’t contain it and it just has to express it some how. It’s completely involuntary and it happens unexpectedly. I truly believe I have no regrets. I believe that what I have and am today is thanks to those mistakes and I feel blessed with my life today. So I remembered the James Joyce quote “Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” (I know in Ulysses he used that quote differently and in a different context, but it makes so much sense this way too). So I created these images with that feeling in mind. Even though I have no regrets, I know that the reaction I have when I remember some of those things is a sign that I still need to learn something from them.
This series helped me laugh and heal a few things. I hope it can resonate with someone out there, too.

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